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  Take a dash of Dr. Doolittle , a pinch of Mowgli and a huge heap of something completely original and you have Peter Caine.  Even his surname is a single letter shy of the word "canine" the animals to which he so deeply relates.
    Peter's career trajectory can be measured by that of a boulder falling of a cliff, literally. When he was 5 years old Peter and a group of friends went to a nature preserve near his St. Louis Mo. home with a neighbors mother. While horsing around with the other kids, Peter pushed a large boulder off a cliff, and then took the 30 ft. ride down with it. He sustained a massive blow and was never the same boy from that day forward. His love for animals turned into an obsession and he suddenly seemed to posses the ability to communicate with them. Truly communicate. That ability never left him.
   A second generation dog trainer, one major difference between Peter and his father was that his dad trained dogs for hunting and Peter trains all dogs (and birds and cats and pretty much all other small mammals) with a different purpose; he trains them so we can all live together in harmony and less so that they can do our bidding.
   The only time in his life Peter can remember not living among animals was during his three years in the military, which not surprisingly  the most unhappy three years of his life. After an injury forced him to shore duty, he spied a copy of art magazine in the naval office and something clicked. Too poor to buy canvasses on which to paint , Peter created most of his work on what he could find...the bottoms of the desk draws in the office. Upon discharge, he too a huge pile of these repurposed desk drawers with him and applied to The Kansas city Art Institute. One major injury lead him to his communicating with animals the next on lead him to discover a proclivity for the creation of art. While art remains a passion, his love for dogs still glow brightly . His desire to teach people how to listen and hear their dogs and to disseminate his training message, lead him to create his own world-renown YouTube videos and to teach dog owners across the globe how to get the behaviors they want from their pets without resorting to tactics like offering unhealthy treats  but instead to show animals caring and control with structure, love and praise. Peter has a gift and he wants to share it . Not for us; for our dogs

TV shows - Tosh O , Right This Minute and a regular on
  Christina Pazsitsky & Tom Segura's
     Your Moms House                                                                                                               

Tosh O -                 

Birds and Cats benefit from training too! 

Peter Caine Dog training. Brooklyn Dog training in Williamsburg, Bushwick,Park Slope, Greenpoint. We work with dogs with behavioral problems. We also will work with you to avoid any behavioral problems for the future. Training your dog is an activity that should take place the life time of your dog.Dog training in Brooklyn and NYC can be fun. This type of Dog training is real and effective, this is not "Dog Whisperer" stuff like you see on a edited TV show. All basic obedience Commands a conditioned in properly .  

 Peter Caine Dog and Puppy Obedience Training in NYC Dog Training, Brooklyn Dog Training,  Surrounding New York area, and the Finger Lakes region of New York State.
We train dogs with behavioral problems, any behavioral problems.
Obedience type dog training for all ages of Dogs and puppies. We also service   Long Island, New Jersey, and some parts of Pennsylvania  
Call us at: 347-683-8356

    No food will be used in training your pet.......We teach your dog or puppy the rules of play while teaching you how to train your Dog...Read Your Dog is owned by Peter Caine. Peter has been Training Dogs and puppy's In the Williamsburg, Bushwick area of Brooklyn and upstate NY since 1994.

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