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Dogs live in a human world. Training is essential to help them understand what we expect, and it strengthens the bond betwe...en you and your best friend.

“Reading” a dog and knowing what the canine is "saying" does not come naturally—it's a skill we must learn. For example, we may think that a wagging tail signals happiness or love, but it usually means a dog is just excited.

Effective training means that you learn to understand your dog. Our training includes frequent discussions of canine behavior and body language to help you and your dog build a happy, trusting relationship.

Just like wild dogs, our domestic pets are pack animals, and they need to know who is in charge. We use techniques that help you establish leadership, the first step to a less stressful relationship for you and your dog. For dogs with behavior issues, training can help you regain and maintain pack leadership. 




Birds and Cats benefit from training too! 

Peter Caine Dog training. Brooklyn Dog training in Williamsburg, Bushwick,Park Slope, Greenpoint. We work with dogs with behavioral problems. We also will work with you to avoid any behavioral problems for the future. Training your dog is an activity that should take place the life time of your dog.Dog training in Brooklyn and NYC can be fun. This type of Dog training is real and effective, this is not "Dog Whisperer" stuff like you see on a edited TV show. All basic obedience Commands a conditioned in properly .  

 Peter Caine Dog and Puppy Obedience Training in NYC Dog Training, Brooklyn Dog Training,  Surrounding New York area, and the Finger Lakes region of New York State  ( Beaver Dams, Lake Seneca area ) 
We train dogs with behavioral problems, any behavioral problems.
Obedience type dog training for all ages of Dogs and puppies. We also service   Long Island, New Jersey, and some parts of Pennsylvania  

    No food will be used in training your pet.......We teach your dog or puppy the rules of play while teaching you how to train your Dog...Read Your Dog is owned by Peter Caine. Peter has been Training Dogs and puppy's In the Williamsburg, Bushwick area of Brooklyn and upstate NY since 1994.

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